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We use our 35 plus years of experience and 'know-how' to provide tangible value to each of our clients.  Value Engineering is just one of the way we do this.  Starting with the design stage, all the way through to the construction phase, means that we along with our industry sub-contractors, analyze the designed building features, systems, equipment, and material selections to create solutions that optimize the expected cost of projects and look for opportunities to minimize costs while maximizing quality, value, and functional performance.


Before we turn a single shovel of dirt we can help our clients establish budgets, construction schedules, evaluate building systems, establish aesthetic, and functional needs. Decisions made during this phase can significantly affect the cost and quality of your project. We have extensive experience in construction, property management, and commercial real estate development and we use that experience to help our clients get the best results by greatly improving the project’s coordination, value, timeline, and budget requirements.


Construction Management can take on several different forms but the most requested mode is the process that combines Pre-construction and General Contracting into one package. Ward Construction will handle the total construction and development process for our clients by managing and supervise all architects, engineers, consultants, and contractors. In this model we handle all inspections, project controls and document management, scheduling, cost estimating and value engineering, change order management, quality assurance, testing and project close-out. It ensures that our clients get the best end result for the best price. 


Design-Build is a streamlined construction project delivery method in which both the design and construction services are contracted by Ward Construction. This process promotes collaboration between designers and builders, helps minimize risks for the project owner and allows for an efficient, timely method of project delivery. This helps to ensure jobs are finished on time and on budget while meeting our client’s needs. 


Ward Construction has a long history of tenant improvements and remodel construction, providing property owners and managers with high-performance commercial improvements from start to finish. We understand that time is money and will use an aggressive schedule to add value to your property while minimizing interruption to your tenants or employees.

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